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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update -30th March 2020.   Stage 3 restrictions.
We are still taking orders and delivering to all suburbs,  contactless deliveries
we can leave the bags in the carport or shed etc.
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 Organic Compost

Organic Potting Mix
Manufactured by Surecrop to a special formula developed over many years. Enhances the natural ingredients of Compost to give you the best possible product on the market today.For beds,shrubs,lawns,trees & vegies.
      Delivered in 30 ltre bags.  Free Call 1800114769 to order.

For all pot plants indoor, outdoor and hanging baskets. Ideal for topdressing
and garden beds. Delivered in 25 Ltre bags.
Free call 1800114769 to order.

Fine Pine Mulch

Orchid Mix

A great all purpose mulch. Looks good, helps to stop weeds and keep
moisture in. will not blow away, put on nice and thick.
      Delivered in 30 Ltre bags. Free Call 1800114769 to order.
Open Aged bark mix ideal for all types of Orchids. To divide a plant gently tap the
orchid out of the pot. Loosen the root mass, then select sections having from three to five good green bulbs and foliage. Gently pull these apart using a knife
to sever the woody stem between the clumps. Remove any dead or damaged
roots. The dry black bulbs without leaves can be discarded.
Delivered in 25 Ltre bags. Free call 1800114769 to order.
All Purpose Fertiliser
Complete fertiliser in granular form used by professional and home gardeners alike. Ideal for greening lawns or for flowers and plants like roses,garden beds fruit trees, pot plants and vegetables. sprinkle on 2 handfulls per sq. metre and water in well.
Nitrogen 4.8% Phosphorus 5.7% Potassium 5.9%. Delivered in 20Kg bags.
Organic Fertiliser
 A blend of blood & bone,fish meal,seaweed extract and composted animal manure. Each pellet contains a complex range of nutrients which are gradually released after watering. apply liberally to lawns,garden beds and vegetables.
Nitrogen 4% Phosphorus 3% Potassium 2% . 20 KG bags.
Lucerne Mulch
Use everywhere in the garden to conserve water & reduce Weeds.
     Lucerne is a legume crop that fixes Nitrogen for its own use, as such
the Nitrogen content of lucerne foliage is amongst the highest in the
plant kingdom, and this Nitrogen is in a slow release protien form.
Spread directly over the soil at a thickness of 50mm - 100mm.
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